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Welcome Note...

The Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) would like to welcome all Malaysian students from all over the UK and Ireland to this auspicious event. This 22nd Nottingham Malaysian Games will definitely be fascinating with your participation.


Point System

As for the major trophies, apart from the 5-A-Side Football and Netball, we have a main trophy which will be awarded to the overall champion of the Notts Games 2007, courtesy of the Minister of Higher Education.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Q: Can we send 2 teams or more for football or any other sport?

A: Each university/society/club is only allowed to send maximum of 2 teams as stated in the rules and regulations, which the 2nd team is subject to availability in the fixture. The reason for this limit is firstly, we want to encourage participation from other universities as well and secondly, we want to be fair in terms of awarding the overall champion.

If you are still interested to send 3 teams, I suggest you send 3 registration forms separately, indicating the 3 universities your society is representing on each form. By doing so, your participation can be confirmed upon payment provided you meet the deadline for registration. However, if one of the teams wins, the point for overall champion will be added to that particular university only, not the society. Alternatively, you can send 2 teams under the name of your society and the other team with different name (e.g. Eight Kings, Seven Kings…etc) but again, the 2nd team participation is yet to be confirmed by 21st Nov.

The bottom line is that every university is allowed to send maximum of 2 teams for football, and if you want to send more than that, you then have to send a separate registration form under a different name. (Just a reminder taken from the rules and regulations that teams are not allowed to send just one team for the games as this is not a tournament for a particular sport but an inter university/society games. I.E if you send a football team you must send a team/player for another sport.)

Hence, please send the registration forms as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment in future.